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Though osteopathic treatment focuses on the entire body and how the different facets of the musculoskeletal system interrelate, typically, people look for the help of a Halesowen osteopath for specific problems, for example back pain. The lower back is made up of five vertebrae, beneath the ribs and above the hips. Any pain in this field is generically identified as lower back pain.

There are 2 primary forms of back pain, however, different individuals may have a differing experience of lower back pain to these descriptions. Acute lower back pain appears rather quickly and is a short-lived issue, generally lasting 3 months. Conversely, chronic back pain is a tenacious and much longer-term back pain. Many people suffering with back pain choose to ease the pain by taking non-prescribed pain medication, or maybe pain relievers prescribed by a GP. However, this strategy may well not suit anyone, and for people suffering with chronic back pain, does not make for a lasting treatment.

Lower back pain may be caused by several factors, including bending, pushing, carrying, or even sitting or driving for lengthy periods in a hunched position. No matter what the causes, osteopathy can prove to be a very effective technique for eliminating lower back pain and generally enhancing its muscular function and mobility.

As every single affected person is different, osteopathic treatment can include a variety of manual therapy solutions, designed specifically for the individual person. Treatment from an Osteopath might include soft tissue manipulation and stretches, or a selection of gentle release strategies to relieve stresses. A gentler approach is particularly commonplace when treating more vulnerable patients such as young children or elderly people. Sometimes, a Halesowen osteopath may carefully crack or click the joints. Whilst this does sound painful, professional osteopaths can carry out these procedures with a bare minimum of pressure, creating little or no discomfort.

Depending on the level of lower back pain, as well as the age of the problem (is it acute or chronic back pain), osteopathic treatment can take various lengths of time to move through the phases of treatment. For instance, short-term, acute lower back pain is sometimes treated in a matter of weeks, or possibly days. However, chronic lower back pain normally takes a significantly longer time to fulfil all stages of treatment. Naturally, all people are different and will recover at different levels.

After treatment, an osteopath can offer even more recommendations on avoiding similar issues in the coming years, and give patients exercises to help them steer clear of more pain, along with delivering other personal health care recommendations.

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