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Jon Gibbs is a professional photographer from the UK who specialises in landscape imagery in and around the Norfolk coast. His artwork has won many awards in photography circles and he even runs photography courses to help educate other photographers to capture better images.

Nowadays everyone with a digital SLR camera thinks they are a specialist photographer but when you put their work up alongside someone like Jon, the difference is immense. Jon's photographic work is at a league above and he deserves all recognition he gets.

Offering his work in a gallery allows him to appreciate the finer aspects of actually printing his images himself. Seeing a professional print of his work gives him a lot pride. Often these days and nights put into effect a picture and only view it on our iPads. Whilst this is helpful to do, it will not compare with actually keeping a high quality printing in the hands.

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Along with another digital photographer, he also runs a local gallery that sell high quality prints of their work.

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