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When you have located an appropriate area to set up your upcoming major event, one of your subsequent important tasks will be to look at which seating style will best suit your target audience and better their experience. There are a variety of factors why tiered seating is highly favoured at events for prospects of 100 or 100,000 or even more:

Tiered seating is hugely flexible

If tiered temporary seating is pointing in the right direction, it should be well suited to just about any event. For a conference or product launch, ideally, seats are forward facing, toward the front of the room. However, tiered seating is commonly laid out in a �U' or horseshoe shape in a larger area, allowing as many individuals as possible to experience a decent view of a stage.

Greatest seating capacity can be secured

A major plus side to choosing tiered seating for your event is that not as much floor space is used. Because each row of seats is raised above the row of seats straight in front, less leg room is required. The result of this is that although event seating occupies quite a lot of room regarding height, the actual floor space is significantly less than if the equivalent amount of seats had been installed on the floor. In some instances, both tiered seats and rows of floor level seats can also be used to supply the maximum capacity.

Tiered seating is the most suitable choice for events that are best seen from above

Many events are much better seen from above, for example, sports matches or central performance stages. In these cases, where the audience is sizeable, temporary seating can be integrated all around a stage or a pitch, providing a clear view from all angles. It's essential to get the height of each tier right in order that no view is impeded by the row of seats instantly in front.

Temporary seating structures can be easily constructed and disassembled

Temporary seating structures are typically built from frameworks of light-weight however , durable, corrosion free aluminium. Parts can be transported easily and then slotted together; once the event is completed, seating units can then be taken apart and packed away for transportation. Seats are commonly produced from comfortable yet hardwearing substances such as polypropylene, hence they can be utilised time and time again without getting impaired.

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